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LIULI Crystal Art Collection – Collectible Crystal Glass from Asia
LIULI Crystal Art Collection – Collectible Crystal Glass from Asia

LIULI Crystal Art Collection – Collectible Crystal Glass from Asia

"An Overwhelming Force From The East" Crystal Sculpture by LIULI Crystal Art
“An Overwhelming Force From The East”

LIULI Crystal Art, a stunning crystal glass collection, has been known to me since the 1990s when I was on a trip to Taiwan and noticed their gallery at the airport. Almost 30 years later, we are very excited to showcase their exquisite pieces to the United States audience.

LIULI Crystal Art was started by two Taiwanese movie industry icons, Loretta Yang and Chang Yi, both award-winning artists, as LIULI Gongfeng (“LIULI Workshop”) in 1987, and it sought to revive the lost wax casting (European equivalent: Pate de Verre) method of glassmaking that was once extensively practiced in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.–220 A.D.) in China. “Liuli” is a Chinese term from that time for glass art, and was chosen to honor the richness of Chinese heritage and culture. Being a devoted Buddhist, Ms. Yang sought to elevate her art with the goal of “enrichment of the heart” and the intention can be seen throughout the collection of nature and spirituality-inspired sculptures and figurines.

The continuous refinement of their crafts has guided contemporary glass art-making to new heights, resulting in their pieces being collected by museums in thirty countries, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Corning Museum of Glass. Every piece in the collection undergoes the proprietary twelve-step process and requires six to eight months to complete. The more elaborate a piece, the more time and effort are required to ensure a successful creation. The results are artwork with exquisite details that are essentially unrivaled in the market, regardless of origin. The insistence on excellence and perfection shows in every piece.

We create our lighting collection with an obsessive level of attention to detail. We understand the dedication and intention needed to create world-class pieces that make statements for those who own them. And this is why we are both excited and honored to be able to bring you the LIULI Crystal Art collection. The collection is the best that the world has to offer in crystal glass-making, and with great light, we need beautiful pieces to shine it on. From statement pieces to anchor a room, to exclusively unique luxury gifts, the LIULI Crystal Art collection has something to offer and must not be missed.

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