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Lawrence & Scott Handmade Lamp Shades
Lawrence & Scott Handmade Lamp Shades

Lawrence & Scott Handmade Lamp Shades

Lawrence & Scott Malmo Table Lamp

“No one makes more exquisite lamp shades than you.”

Our Handmade Lamp Shades Differences

  • One of the few lamp makers with own shade-making workshop
  • 100% handmade
  • Precision, extra thick shade frames
  • Luxurious fabric choices & COM
  • White-label for Casella

Lawrence & Scott Handmade Lamp Shades

Expect extraordinary in our handmade lamp shades

Our esteemed shade maker, Amy, has dedicated nearly three decades to the art of handcrafting our lamp shades. Each stroke of the pencil, every precise cut, and every careful fold is a testament to her years of experience and unwavering passion for creating shades of unparalleled beauty—shades that not only endure but also generate the most exquisite silhouettes. To achieve this, we employ uniquely sturdy shade frames, exclusively designed for our purposes, and meticulously assess the shape and resilience of each one.

Whether it’s our porcelain collection or our metal collection, all our lamps are accompanied by standard lamp shades. However, it is crucial to note that our definition of “standard” transcends ordinary expectations. While we do accommodate Customers’ Own Material (COM) requests, our selection of standard fabrics has been curated based on their pliability, foldability, and their capacity to artfully diffuse light. We meticulously consider the fabric’s grain direction and texture, aiming to maximize visual allure.

No element is left to chance. We have conducted rigorous tests on more than twenty adhesives to ensure years of reliable service, regardless of the coast where our shades find their final home. Furthermore, our latest addition—an open frame shade—provides an impeccably smooth light spread, casting no shadows on the walls.

At our core, we hold a deep reverence for light and a profound respect for the trust placed in us by interior designers who deem our shades as “the absolute best.” We consider this trust a solemn responsibility, one that drives us to continually strive for excellence and to produce the finest handcrafted lampshades in the industry.