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Lawrence & Scott Handmade Lamp Shades
Lawrence & Scott Handmade Lamp Shades

Lawrence & Scott Handmade Lamp Shades

“No one makes more exquisite lamp shades than you.”

Our Handmade Lamp Shades Differences

  • One of the few lamp makers with own shade-making workshop
  • 100% handmade
  • Precision, extra thick shade frames
  • Luxurious fabric choices & COM
  • White-label for Casella

Handmade Lamp Shades on the Malmo Table Lamp

Lawrence & Scott Handmade Lamp Shades

Expect extraordinary in our handmade lamp shades

Our master shade maker Amy has been handcrafting our lamp shades for almost 30 years. Every line drawn, every cut, every tuck is the manifestation of years of experience and her passion to create the most beautiful shades, ones that last and create the most stunning silhouettes. Not only do we use uniquely thick shade frames, made exclusively for us, we double verify the shape and strength of each one.

From our porcelain collection to our metal collection, all of our lamps come with standard lamp shades. That said, our standard shade is anything but standard. While we also work with Customers’ Own Material (COM), our standard set of fabrics was chosen for their foldability, pliability, and their ability to transmit light beautifully. We consider the bias of the fabric (the direction of the threads) and its texture for maximum intrigue.

No detail is left to chance. We have even tested over 20 adhesives to ensure years of service whichever coast the shade will end up at. Our new, open frame shade for many of our lamps casts absolutely no shadow on the wall for the smoothest spread of light.

We take light seriously, and we take the trust of interior designers who declare our shades “the absolute best” even more seriously so. We will continue to strive to create the best-handcrafted lampshades in the industry.