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Lawrence & Scott Luxury Porcelain Table Lamps
Lawrence & Scott Luxury Porcelain Table Lamps

Lawrence & Scott Luxury Porcelain Table Lamps

Lawrence & Scott Luxury Porcelain Table Lamps - Dashiell Lamp with Custom Lampshade
Lawrence & Scott Dashiell Table Lamp in Aqua shown with a custom lampshade

The Luxury Porcelain Table Lamps Collection – Many top interior designers consider our porcelain table lamps to be the most obsessively produced lamps in the world and we do not take that compliment lightly. Every lamp completed at our workshop goes through many steps before it reaches its final home. Each piece is a work of art.

The heart of The Porcelain Collection is the vessels themselves, hand-spun by Taiwanese presidential award-winning potter Master Hsu Chiao-Tsung. Master Hsu’s other pieces can only be found displayed securely in museums across the globe. The quietly sophisticated designs follow classic Asian shapes, with a focus on achieving perfect proportions.

Today, most porcelain vessels are made using a prefabricated mold. While this allows for consistency and predictability, much of what makes porcelain such a desirable material is the artisanal mastery and subtle texture that only comes with a master’s touch. Each piece should have character and soul. You can trace Master Hsu’s fingers on every handspun, substantial, and classically proportioned vessel while the depth of the glaze is intentional and deep – a true testament to his dedication to the craft. His mastery is so divine that while each piece is handspun, the tolerance in height and width between pieces of each model is within an inch of each other, and the glaze colors, even when measured with a laboratory-grade colorimeter, are within 5%, almost imperceivable by the naked eyes. His dedication to excellence is absolute.

We honor Master Hsu’s craftsmanship by designing a minimalistic silhouette using the best possible sourced walnut (other wood options available), and meticulously hand-turn each cap and base to match each porcelain vessel’s measurements. There are no pre-made, one-size-fits-all pieces here. On top of the vessel sits our handmade lampshade on a Euro mount. Contrasting with the typical harp mounting, the Euro mount makes for a sturdier and more secure presence, while the lack of any frame at the top casts a smooth, shadowless light on the wall if one is right behind it. Is this a bit obsessive? Possibly, but it is the little things that count, and we are going for perfection.

Every single finished table lamp from us is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that speaks to the level of excellence we strive to achieve. 

It is no surprise that some of our clients called our porcelain lamps “addictive”.

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