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Lawrence & Scott Lighting Collection – Modern Lighting meets Traditional Craftsmanship
Lawrence & Scott Lighting Collection – Modern Lighting meets Traditional Craftsmanship

Lawrence & Scott Lighting Collection – Modern Lighting meets Traditional Craftsmanship

At Lawrence & Scott, we are fixated on the most minuscule of details. Our Lawrence & Scott Lighting Collection is the highest material expression of the exacting standards that have defined and distinguished our reputation for excellence through the decades. 

How are we different?

Lawrence & Scott Porcelain Table LampsMaterials – The criteria by which we select the materials that compose each collection is a multifaceted process that considers the following:

  • The quality and integrity of raw and supplementary material.
  • The environmental impact of sourcing, shipping, and manufacturing and the sustained durability of the finished product.  
  • The intention and mastery of artisans 

Fit and finish – Each piece is treated as if it’s the only piece, inspected and completed under the highly skilled hands and discerning eyes of our in-house craftspeople. A few key details that set us apart:

  • Since every lamp vessel is handmade, small variations exist. We measure every piece and custom hand-turn each and every cap and base to fit, down to the millimeters. There is no mass-produced one-side-fits-all here.
  • Every lampshade is made at our Seattle showroom by our master craftswoman, Amy, who has more than thirty years of experience creating exquisite, handmade shades.
  • The brass rings used in the production of our lampshades have been custom-made to meet our rigorous standards. Using a lower gauge brass (which counterintuitively means they are thicker, rounder, and stronger) allows for a rounder, more precise shape.

Customization – We take pride in the ability to adapt many of our designs to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of our esteemed clientele. Here are just a few ways we can transform the Core Collection:

  • Lampshade customization.
  • Cap and base modifications.
  • Inline dimmer switches.
  • Stain, wood, and finish on items in the Malmo Collection.*

Most items in our Core Collection can be modified and securely mounted aboard private aircraft and boats.  

Please contact us with any questions regarding customization. One of our knowledgeable team members will be delighted to assist you.  

*Based on requested material availability. Customization fees apply. 

Meet The Collection:

The Verdigris Bronze Collection Wabi-sabi is an expression originating in ancient Japanese philosophy.  Its meaning translates to: Finding beauty in imperfection. The Verdigris Bronze Collection embodies the concept of wabi-sabi wholly, weaving together the symbolic and physical unpredictability and intelligence of nature. 

Vessel designs have been selected with historical relevance and accuracy in mind. Each vessel is buried underground for 6-7 months where it develops a robust and special patina.  

The Japanese Brass Collection The vessels of The Japanese Brass Collection captivate with their luminous and sophisticated sheen. Each piece is wire brushed and treated by hand to ensure a meticulous and thorough completion.  

The Malmo Collection – Inspired by the graceful and uniform eaves of the Japanese pagoda and the Scandinavian homage to natural resources and neutral palettes by way of design, The Malmo Collection pulls inspiration from two vastly different cultures to create this storied and timeless collection.

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